15 marzo 2011


Someone wrote the following in the comments

"Hi, Google warns me for the content of your blog on every entry. Can you tell me where can I find this adult content? The only thing I found are photo's of (fully dressed) fashionable and very beautiful young men. Should I perceive these as erotic? Are photo's of young men always porn nowadays or are there really erotic pictures on your blog but I just haven't found them yet?"

Google put that warning because I did mark the adult content checkbox, I do not want excuses, if someone does not like what they see they were warned, I do not consider the images I post ofensive, but some of them are erotic (erotic is NOT the same as porn) as an example the first image of the post tomado de... the one with the two boys kissing.
I have chosen to not put any image with frontal nudity or depicting sexual acts, there are more than enough of those images everywhere, It does not mean that I never see them (I'm not a prude) but to tell you the truth they're neither my thing. Sadly as it is He's right in that in some parts photos of young persons are considered porn, heck in some parts you cannot even make a Drawing of a young person nude (even if it's totally imaginary).
Yes I do not publish Porn, but I'm tired of the narrow minded people so I do not want to give them an excuse to rant about my blog, wich it's about the beauty of young persons...

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Micky dijo...

Much as I hate to say this but there are adult gay picture blogs apparently living unmolested on Nibblebit, despite it being run by Wordpress.

If s/he can put up with the adverts and go no further than the likes of MES BOYS or those Jako links to then the blog will probably survive. No promises but just look at what they tolerate in terms of adult gay blogs.

But I agree with you Nino de mis Ojos - your blog is much happier being sexy without being rude!

Anónimo dijo...

Hi! I agree with all comments. I find young men attractive. Now, you can see porn in a variety of sites, but you barely can find good pics of clothed or partially clothed guys being just beautiful and sexy they way they are.
I decided to frequent more those sites who follow this way.
Your pics here are really nice and beautiful. Keep up the good work!

Niño de mis Ojos dijo...

Micky and Dan thanks for your words of encouragemnt....