13 mayo 2011


Alexey Galetskiy is going to seek his recourses available because I did not deleted the post where he appeared in the timeline he wanted, he did say that the pictures were his and I should delete them (two of them were not taken by him, so unless the photographer gave him the rights they are not owned by him).
You do not have to threaten me with legal action, I do delete the pictures if I think you're the person who owns the picture or the person who appears in them, it did take some time to deleted them because Blogger was not working so it was imposible to do so before (less than 24 hours), I would like to know if these persons who threaten me, would ask the heterosexual sites, to de delete their post????

2 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

My God¡
That Shakespearean English of yours is just amazing¡

Would you be so kind to give us a class of punctuation?

Niño de mis Ojos dijo...

Hahahaha yes I know, my English skills are not the best and to make things worse, the blog is set up in spanish and I cannot check automatically the spelling in englixh, as you can see...